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The original group was founded in 1999 with the name Legio V Lucana to reenact roman soldiers.
In 2004 the unit name was changed to the current and in 2005 it was constituted under the Cisalpina Cultural Association.
The Association groups enthusiasts of historical reenacment, scholars, academics or simple history fans, and it is present in Italy in Turin, Milan and Cuneo.
We promote research, experimentation and publication about history and archeology. We are currently developing three different projects. The first is focused on the pretorian soldiers (project #1) for the reason that they were more often stationed in Italy and they can be reasonably considered as a part of our lost national culture.
We are studying study the way the roman soldier used to combat, his tactics, his techniques.
From 2010 a second project has been in development about a Gladiator School and a third project started in 2013 and is devoted the roman civilian life.
Because of the increasing of the members, the association is working on a numer of other projects.
The Association has won the First Prize as "Best Organized Roman Group" in 2005 and the Third Prize in the First National Contest for Historical Groups in 2009.
This group has no political or ideological connotation.

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