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1. Building the mobile castra defenses
Teoria, pratica e sperimentazione della costruzione del castra mobile
(published on - Vexillum #1 - january 2007)

2. Pilum: new considerations about its uses and construction (in italian)
A new light on the roman javelin and a discussion about its miths according to the last discoveries
(published on - Vexillum #1 - january 2007)

3. Si dice Castra o Castrum? (in italian)
A debate on the latin term that defines the roman field camp (in italian).

4. The roman salute: a mith that must be investigated (in italian) (september 2006)
The roman salute introduced at the beginning of the 1900 and taken by the totalitarian politics of the XX century was real? Did exist a gesture of a roman military salute? Did it evolve during the roman history? (content reserved to members).

5. The pteryges
Pteryges are the most common element in the roman imperial iconography, but their details are pretty unknown. New light comes from new studies and also from archeology.